Glenn Duker is a lawyer who advises clients on business and property law matters.


Glenn provides legal advice in the following areas:

Business Sale & Purchase
Commercial Leasing
Compulsory Acquisition of Land
Employment Law
Trade Marks
Family Law

Services a Solicitor Provides within Industrial, Conveyancing and Business Law


Glenn Duker is a solicitor who provides professional representation for all legal matters relating to business, industrial and conveyancing law. A good solicitor is of great use to both new and seasoned business people whenever any business and property matters or lease concerns arise.


Glenn DukerGlenn Phillip Duker is extremely experienced with commercial and property law. His expertise and services can be of great help in matters relating to commercial leases and business law.

Commercial Leases – The field of commercial leases is a vast one, comprising landlord and tenant issues, lease negotiations, disputes, renewing options, determining rent, breach and surrender of lease, subleases, lease litigation and more.


One may receive advice from Glenn Duker, solicitor and lawyer, for other areas of property law as well, such as commercial and residential conveyancing. This starts with the pre-contractual stage and goes through to the issue settlement, in all types of property transactions from private sales and auctions to subdivisions.


Business Law – This covers commercial matters and business agreements, plus business sale and purchase with negotiation of terms, settlement and so on. Employment law is also an essential aspect here. Glenn Duker, lawyer, provides legal support for company owners, as well as advice on matters such as property transactions and commercial leases.


Commercial and Industrial Conveyancing – Avoiding the Pitfalls

When you buy industrial and commercial property, the transaction must be protected by very strong legislation. A solicitor with experience in this type of property is needed for the most successful outcome as there are always risks involved. Fortunately, the help offered by Glenn Duker, solicitor will minimise these risks. This is because the solicitor’s duty is to leave no stone unturned. This means all aspects of the property purchase are thoroughly verified and you are fully informed about what you will get, with no hidden issues to be discovered later. Without an expert’s care for the details, you may end up with a purchased property that comes with unexpected problems or expenses.


On the other hand, when you are the seller, Glenn Duker, as solicitor makes sure that you make the most out of it and the deal is efficient. An investment property is a very serious business that involves big risks. Someone with the required legal knowledge will know how to what traps to expect, and how to avoid them. With this expertise on your side, the transaction will be completed with efficiency and you won’t have to worry that your purchase holds any negative surprises.


Practical Advice and Proceeding to a Safe Conclusion

With Glenn Duker solicitor and lawyer, you will receive expert and practical advice on the contract of sale. His expertise with conveyance will ensure that the property title transfer from seller to buyer will go smoothly, with the best of effects for your business and the connected assets. The role of the solicitor is to carry out legal due diligence, and thoroughly investigate all aspects of the agreement. This is an essential stage which eliminates any unpleasant surprises when the deal is finally sealed.


Communication is an important factor when legal matters are concerned. Your solicitor will keep you informed by keeping in contact and updating you on the progress of the transaction. good solicitor will take their time to understand your matters’ specific needs, will not confuse you with legal jargon and will keep communication open with you throughout the process. Further on in the transaction you may have other legal interest created, such as leases, mortgages, or an assignment of lease. In exchange of financial reward, a solicitor will take care of the whole conveyancing business for you.


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